Letter to a Black Girl

Dear Future Black Girl

Take your time
know that forever’s promise is not often kept
know you are beautiful
flourish in the idea of love

Avoid hate at all cost
Even when they encourage you to hate your sister
Encourage your sister
See her success as your own

only when you want to
Do Not feel obligated to put on a mask
be you, always

Stay humble
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
be confident but not cocky
walk with your head high but never with your nose up

If you remember nothing,
Remember this
do it unapologetically

With whom you feel most comfortable
you are allowed to be human
Remember that too

Be Strong
it sucks, I know
BUT your strength does not come at the expense of your humanity
Don’t let society tell you otherwise

Question everything
Believe nothing you hear and half of what you read
check sources

Past what you can only imagine
the world is at your disposal
Only if you believe it is

Break Rules
Capitalize Wrong Words
Throw grammar to the wind
have fun annoying people

Don’t take yourself so seriously
Kiss in the rain
play in the snow
call that cute guy…

What would I say to a future black girl?
I love you
We need you
You have black girl magic
use it!

A Black girl WOMAN

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