Dhoruba Bin Wahad Commentary – A Response to the Racist Right Wing Rant Demonizing Jalil Muntaqim

My first impression when reading the headline “Anti-Semitic Cop Killer to Speak at University” was that someone convicted of racist hate crime that killed Cops of Semitic origin, perhaps Egyptian Arab-American or Palestinian-American, had been invited to speak at a Yeshiva or University. “Freedom of Speech” seemingly was being distorted, taken to an amoral extreme by providing a platform for a heinous person to pontificate upon the benefits of injustices to the poor, somewhat like providing a millionaire Slum Lord like a Jared Kushner a platform to critique New York City Housing policies. Unthinkable on its face.

But upon further reading, I discovered such was not the case. The article was in fact a police union, Islamophobic and pro-Zionist conspiratorial and wildly inaccurate rant demonizing a paroled African “American” Jalil Muntaqim, (former ancestral chattel appellation, “Anthony Bottoms”) who had served 50 years in prison for the unfortunate killing of two NYPD cops, armed agents of the state in Blue Costumes trying to draw a paycheck and feed their families, Joseph Piagentini and Waverly Jones, in May of 1971.

Neither Piagintini nor Jones were of Semitic background, nor was Muntaqim a Muslim at the time of the shooting. He was just plain ole “Tony”. Just another Niggah fed up with wanton Police brutality and murder of Black people under the color of law who took matters in his own hands. Contrary to racist and Islamophobic associations ascribed to him by the well funded racist cabal of former Prison Guards, Maga Supporters of the ignoramus 45th POTUS who penned the article and submitted it to the Right leaning “Jewish Express” News. So why such a provocative headline designed to outrage Ashkenazim European Jewry and terrify police supporters already paranoid over significant “reforms” of America’s militarized Law Enforcement?

Perhaps a brief or deeper dive into how European refugees fleeing war torn Europe in the aftermath of Fascist Germany’s White supremacist systematic slaughter of over six million Ashkenazim (many of whom believed they were European nationals first and Jews second before being led to the Nazi gas chambers) as well as millions of Roma people, communists, and others deemed racially unfit by Hitler and his evil minions managed, with the help of the European Allies of WWII, America and Britain, to fulfill the then decades old Zionist nationalist dream of wealthy European Jewry (championed by the racist Zionist Theodore Herzl) for a “Jewish Homeland”. Herzl’s dream was committed transformed into a reality in 1948 after the three years of terrorism committed by the paramilitary Haganah, Stern Gang led by future Israeli Prime Ministers such as Menachem Begin and assorted mercenaries resulted in the usurpation and appropriation of Palestinian Lands thereby creating the “Jewish” Nation-State of Israel. This marked the beginning of greatest anti-Semitic pogrom in the history of the modern world. The most insidious and racist repression of Semitic peoples, Arab Palestinians.

The de jure manufacturing of the European Zionist state of Israel is the greatest crime of genuine anti-Semitism perpetrated in the 20th century and continues to be perpetrated by the racist apartheid European Settler-state of Israel. Indeed, a monumental hoax, has been played on the World aided and abetted by former White Supremacist Imperialist nations, Britain, France, Belgium, and last but not least Germany to absolve themselves of complicity in Nazis’ slaughter of millions of their fellow Europeans, the despised and hated Ashkenazi Jewry.

Israel, a de jure nation-state founded on the principles of a “Jewish Homeland” first championed by the rich and influential Ashkenazi Jew Theodore Herzl in the early 20th century “flipped the script” on Anti-Semitism. None of Israel’s so-called founding fathers and their descendants are a Semitic at all, and have no genealogical, or cultural connection to the lands of the Semitic Arab Palestinians, who lived in the region long before European Ashkenazim converted to Judaism and migrated from the regions of Caucasus mountains of Eurasia into Western Europe. Indeed, these converts Judaism spoke “Yiddish” and not the dead Hebrew language of the ancient original Jews of the Mediterranean and North Africa. Malcolm once intoned that “history is the best subject to reward all research”. Modern Zionists are the masters of historical revisionism and reinvention of themselves as victims rather than oppressors.

Given the Geopolitics of post WWII, and the so called “Cold War” and the emergence of America as a Global hegemonic power to become the de facto “Policeman of humanity” it is relatively easy to understand why Euro-centric White America and its Western European allies (NATO) would strategically value the establishment of a European Zionist settler-state in a region as vital to their existence as the “Middle-East” (a geographical designation concocted during the heyday of European imperialism) a region dominated by Semitic peoples and Muslims. But how does any of this relate to the killing of two cops in New York in 1971 by a Black man with affiliation to Black Militant organizations such as the BPP and BLA?

In the late fifties and the decade of the 60s the so called “Third World”, former regions and people’s conquered, exploited, and dominated by the former Imperial empires of Europe were rising up and throwing off the yoke of European colonization and humiliation, claiming their place in the Sun and among the community of Nations.

Many of these anti-colonial struggles were inspired by struggles of Black people in the United States for Civil, Legal, and Human Rights. Movements led Dr. Martin Luther King against racial Segregation, the emergence of Black Nationalism and the Black Power movements inspired by Malcolm X, Kwame Ture, Huey P. Newton, and many others threaten to delegitimize White America’s claim as the beacon of “freedom” and “democracy” purportedly opposing totalitarian State Communism of the USSR (Russia) threatening to engulf “the Free World” and undermining Western Democracies.

By mid to late sixties, many of the organizations seeking radical change in America, from the non-violent Civil Rights movements in America’s South, to the more militant and revolutionary movements of the urban North seeking to overturn a political system of White racist control of Black communities began to identify with struggles for liberation across the “Third World”. No where was this more prominent than among the advocates of Black Power. Malcolm X had travelled to Africa and met the leaders of Africa and the Heads of active Liberation Movements after his assassination in 1964, organizations such as the BPP, RNA, and RAM emerged expressing their solidarity and unity with people’s of the world fighting for self-determination and national liberation. To thwart the global uprising of the poor, disenfranchised, and downtrodden from infecting the Corporate Politics of American electoral “Democratic Fascism” and its institutions of racial Governance, the FBI sought to disrupt, misdirect, or otherwise neutralize the domestic proponents of international solidarity with peoples’ struggles abroad.

A key aspect of this effort was the FBI’s COINTEPRO, “Dear Irving” letter-writing campaign aimed at undermining liberal Jewish support for Black organizations and individuals the FBI deemed a threat to U.S. domestic policies at home and abroad. Targets of the “Dear Irving” poison pen campaign ranged from White Liberal Jewish supporters of anti- racist repression like Leonard Bernstein, a famous Concert Director, to Black members of the Communist Party, such as Charlene Mitchel a Black member of the CPUSA who supported the civil rights of the BPP and ran for the President of CPUSA and lost because of her support for the BPP, to MLK’s SCLC that enjoyed enormous support from Jewish opinion makers. But overwhelming efforts of the FBI’s poison letter campaign were aimed at undermining criticism of Israel and its treatment of the Palestinian people. On this score any support for the freedom of the Palestinian people was in and of itself portrayed as virulent Black anti-Semitism, while domestically mere mention of White Jewish absentee Slumlords, or Jewish dominated Teachers Unions in All Black school districts were deemed anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and dismissed by the mainstream media as such. The history of conflating critiques of European racist Right Wing conduct, police killings of Black people with Zionist class collaboration and calling it anti-Semitism had come full circle.

By the time militant Black formations emerged in the early 70s dedicated to extra-legally holding racist law enforcement physically accountable for the murders of innocent Black people (while concealing violent Police conduct behind the legal charade of “qualified immunity”) any group that supported the Rights of the Semitic Palestinian People against the apartheid system of the non-Semitic European-Settler State of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian homelands, simultaneously with their opposition against racist Police misconduct were labelled “antisemitic”. Jalil Muntaqim is just the latest whipping horse in the charade that conceals the hidden relationship between racist Zionist nationalism and the modern American Police state. In both United States and Israel, both Garrison States, white men with Guns, the armed agents of the State determine the political and social discourse of the nation.

“We are raising funds to support Dhoruba Bin Wahad. Dhoruba Bin Wahad is an author, teacher, Veteran Black Panther, Black Liberation Army (BLA) member, and a former political prisoner. Dhoruba has received the news that he has Stage 4 cancer. Please join us in raising funds to sustain his care. Black self-determination and sustainability have been at the root of Dhoruba’s life in both his writings and his actions, which is why Community Movement Builders is determined to provide Dhoruba with the best care possible. Please share, donate, and do anything in your ability to help our dear brother. We will provide updates as necessary.”

Dhoruba Bin Wahad was a leader member of the new York Black Panther Party, a Field Secretary of the BPP responsible for organizing chapters throughout the East Coast, and a member of the Panther 21. Arrested June 1971, he was framed as part of the illegal FBI Counter Intelligence program (COINTELPRO) and subjected to unfair treatment and torture during his nineteen years in prison.

During Dhoruba’s incarceration, litigation on his behalf produced over three hundred thousand pages of COINTELPRO documentation, and upon release in 1990 he was able to bring a successful lawsuit against the New York Department of Corrections for all their wrongdoings and criminal activities.

Living in both Ghana and the U.S. Dhoruba, an uncompromising critic of imperialism and capitalism, continues to write and work promoting freedom for all political prisoners and revolutionary Pan-Africanism.

Dhoruba Bin-Wahad

Witness and Survivor of the War On Black America

Dhoruba DBW

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