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guns 2If I kill you with a gun and you are not alive to say I did it, then is it always self-defense. Well in Georgia and several other states the answer is, as we already know - yes. All I have to say under Georgia’s new “Safe Carry Protection Act” better known as the “guns everywhere” law is that I felt threatened so I had to shoot you. What pushes this version, of the shoot first ask questions later “Stand Your Ground” law, further is that the gun could be an illegal weapon and it still does not matter. For example if I am a dealer on the block and I “defend” myself in a territorial dispute, this defense can still be used. Although I am not in favor of having the police ask for someone’s papers on a range of issues, here in Georgia the law specifically bans the police from checking to see whether someone has a gun permit. So the police can legally check for i.d./papers under certain circumstance to see if someone is a legal resident, to identify if a minor may be buying liquor or is a runaway, to verify identity, when there is so-called reasonable suspicion of a crime, but you can’t ask someone displaying a firearm if they have the legal papers to carry one, because now according to the law it’s a suspiciousness act.

Coming from out of state and you bring your gun to Georgia not a suspicious act; you have your gun on you at the airport, a bar, government building, on a college campus, in a library, etc, etc etc, not suspicious. I can stand outside of a bank with my gun showing and still it is not a suspicious act. The guns everywhere law truly gives you unlimited ability to carry a weapon and possibly to take someone’s life with impunity.

It seems the intent of these laws is to get us back to the 1850’s. This white-male gun movement is so scared of a future where they may be a minority population that their only solution is to run as fast as possible back to the past, to what seems for them like a golden age in America. The safety of an idealized white supremacist past where regardless of property ownership or wealth, they held a distinctly superior position to enslaved Africans and a conquered indigenous population is better than living even for a short time period with a moderate Black president and a “slightly” diminished place in the world.

This anxiety driven predicament has rallied white males in Georgia and other places to paint a picture of losing their country and having to stand up for their 1st and 2nd amendments rights of god and guns. For those who know what not having power really is these tea-party types are laughable in their claims of losing power. The laughing stops however when we look at the power this constituency still has in winning a “guns everywhere” law in Georgia with unanimous republican support and too many moderate milk toast democrats pandering to gun rights advocates. A few who claimed some opposition to these laws still voted yes, including Jason Carter the current Democratic challenger to the incumbent Governor Nathan Deal. Carter and his campaign staff somehow decided it was better to support than to abstain; potentially sacrificing his base to an imaginary strategy of pulling more white male votes in November. So as we suffer through what is hopefully the last years of right-wing, white male control of state level politics in Georgia, hold on because it’s going to be a “bang-bang” time in the wild, wild south.

About Kamau Franklin (93 Articles)
Kamau has been a dedicated community activist and organizer for over twenty years, first in New York City and now based in the south. He has been a leading member of several grassroots organizations dedicated to the ideas of Malcolm X on self-determination. He has organized on various issues including youth organizing and development, police misconduct, and creating sustainable urban communities. Kamau has led and developed community cop-watch programs, freedom school programs for youth, large scale community gardens and alternatives to incarceration. He can be followed on twitter @kamaufranklin.


  1. “The guns everywhere law truly gives you unlimited ability to carry a weapon and possibly to take someone’s life with impunity.”

    I do believe they have pretty liberal laws in regards to legal carrying and possession of firearms in public. But “possibly to take someone’s life with impunity” is unadulterated horse shit. If you read Massad Ayoob, a well renowned expert on firearms and self defense (and an expert witness for the defense in the George Zimmerman trial) you will find that it is a lot harder to get away with murder than you imagine. There is such a thing as evidence and according to Ayoob, it almost always tells the story (the real reason Zimmerman was found not guilty, the evidence was overwhelmingly on his side).



    • Kamau Franklin // July 12, 2014 at 10:12 am // Reply

      The only unadulterated horseshit is your irrational reliance on the ill defined. Saying “evidence” almost always tells the story is a silly truism, that has nothing to do with the particulars of the Zimmerman case and is not always what’s paramount in winning criminal trials. The misapplication of self-defense laws to justify the murder of an unarmed teenager by a overzealous wannabe-cop has nothing to do with evidence. A bumbling prosecution played a far bigger role.

      • Kamau Franklin wrote:

        “The misapplication of self-defense laws to justify the murder of an unarmed teenager by a overzealous wannabe-cop has nothing to do with evidence. A bumbling prosecution played a far bigger role.”


        Inside the Zimmerman Trial

        It has links to a number of articles by Massad Ayoob, an expert witness retained by the Zimmerman team. If you read it with an open mind, a challenge I know, you find out where the unadulterated bullshit lies, and go clean yourself up perhaps.

  2. Susan Jones // July 3, 2014 at 1:40 pm // Reply

    You get away with murder unless your skin is dark. And even the “wild west” guns were checked at the city limits. We are headed in a direction of even less laws than 100 years ago. Senseless.

  3. So, I am curious as to your thoughts on this. I’ve read a bit about how gun control became popular among white people in part because the Black community was arming themselves and that gun control is a way to keep weapons out of the hands of minority groups. What’s your view on this?

    • Kamau Franklin // July 4, 2014 at 2:14 am // Reply

      I agree that there is truth to that. One of the most well known cases of course is the California State legislator placing limits on open carry laws after the Black Panthers began displaying weapons as a means of self-defense to protect the black community against brutal police tactics. Today even if people hold this as a philosophical or ideological position, no one is really challenging police tactics or anything with guns, because they know they will be out gunned by the state. Today most gun play in the community is between young black men, in addition any police officer, private security person or white guy who claims he is “threatened” also can and has killed young black men in particular. So my current position is for more gun control, in order to decrease the literal daily death toll of young black men dying. What do you think.

      • “So my current position is for more gun control, in order to decrease the literal daily death toll of young black men dying. What do you think.”

        Yes, and while we are at it we need more illegal drug control to also keep young black men from dying. That has worked really well, hasn’t it? Or maybe those drugs are more plentiful and cheaper now?

        It is true that young black men are a very disproportionate number of the murderers in America today. I would suggest that the root cause is not guns however.

      • Kamau Franklin // July 12, 2014 at 10:19 am //

        Obviously you have your own internalized racism to deal with based on your response. However your clumsy attempt at sarcasm does not get at the point of gun violence in America and why so-called gun rights advocates are arming themselves to the teeth, like scared kittens waiting for a fabled race war to begin or scared their “freedoms” are being taken away because some are worried about individual killings and mass shooters who turn to guns to act out anger and so-called grievances they have with the world.

    • Google: “The Racist Roots of Gun Control”

      • Kamau Franklin wrote:

        “Obviously you have your own internalized racism to deal…”

        Not any more than you I am sure. Everyone is born a racist. It is not what you start as, but what you consciously choose to become.

      • Kamau Franklin // July 12, 2014 at 5:19 pm //

        Llmao is that some home spun folksy philosophy you spewing, people are born racist, they are not. They obviously can see the differences in human appearance and cuture. The value judgments are learned from small minded people with bad theories on human behavior and then spread into systems that favor certain groups usually maintained by violence and psychological conditioning.

  4. Kamau Franklin writes:

    “…some home spun folksy philosophy you spewing, people are born racist, they are not.”

    I wrote about that a while back:

    Racism is inherent in the human condition. Humans are wired to see differences and draw conclusions about the meaning of those differences based on experience. Humans are wired to identify “we” and “them” and differences of sex and color are two big and obvious differences.

    There is nothing immoral or inhuman about naturally drawing such conclusions. The mechanisms are largely below the conscious threshold. This is as true of black, yellow, and red children as of white children. All are born natural racists and bigots.

    The point of education is to bring the rational mind and the heart into the conversation and help it see the evidence that there is more that unites than divides, to see the humanity in all that underlies the differences. There is nothing inherently awful about starting out life as a racist and a bigot. It is the human condition. The tragedy is is not in how we start, but in how we end.

    Is “homespun” is an adjective you like to use for things you didn’t learn from an authoritatively approved source in college, probably where you learned more about snarky replies than original thought I would guess?

    • Kamau Franklin // July 12, 2014 at 11:51 pm // Reply

      Good try. I guess I should have followed your lead and skipped college for some half baked Internet researched theories that are original bull shit. Don’t quit the day job.

  5. Kamau Franklin writes

    “Don’t quit the day job”

    You really aren’t that clever with your intended insults. Really, not that clever at all. Bye.

  6. None of this really matters as long as we have our guns to keep order around us and if you don’t like it go back to that gun control haven of NYC because you’ll get our guns FROM OUR COLD DEAD HANDS; Charlton Heston is still my President.

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