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Does the Black President Owe Anything to the Black Community? No According to Most Mainstream Black Pundits

One of my favorite older blogs…wanted to re-share

Grassroots Thinking

Recently I have read several articles from black intellectuals, pundits and politicians whose goal it seems is to inform black people that Obama is not the President of “black America” but of “all America”. Therefore, they argue, that we should not expect him to do anything “special” for the black community. A byproduct of this is to let us know that any sentence that has the words “Obama”, “black” and “demands” except if its ordered “Obama demands Black people…”, is a no-no and you will be branded with the number one insult in the black community (besides being labeled a snitch) “a hata.” I have great respect for some of these authors because of their history of work in our community. Yet there are other writers that think that if they stand next to two or more black people, they are in the ghetto and need to make a move…

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Community Movement Builders (CMB) is a member-based collective of black people dedicated to being a force for creating sustainable self-determining communities through cooperative economic advancement and collective community organizing. Our mission is rooted in Black love and equity. Grassroots Thinking is our newsletter/community blog about our work and movement activity

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