Israel has nukes – Iran does not – Where is the Western Condemnation

Of course the US and Western Europe objects now to Iran having nuclear know how, when the US was in control of Iranian leadership under the Shah there were no objections.

Israel has Nukes – Iran does not – Where is the Western Condemnation

The UN General Assembly, which is the meeting place for all nation-states know it, all the Middle Eastern states and Western Europe know it, Iran knows it, people in Israel know it, and of course American politicians and the US media know it, but won’t talk about it. That means the only group that probably does not know about it is the American population. What is this big “open” secrete? It’s that Israel has nuclear weapons.

The only question is how many, conservative estimates are over 100 nuclear warheads. However his obvious fact seems not to be of any concern for the enlightened Western Europe or America as it threatens Iran with sanctions for developing nuclear technology. This double standard is part of the driving reason why the Iranian leadership, as fractured as it is, still all agree on the need for a national nuclear program, with probably at least the knowledge and equipment of how to design nuclear weapon.

Of course the US and Western Europe objects now to Iran having nuclear know how, when the US was in control of Iranian leadership under the Shah there were no objections. The Shah was a leader more to the liking of western interest, whom the US helped restore to power in 1953 by overthrowing the democratically elected Dr. Mosaddeq, because he had the gal to think he should nationalize Iranian oil and chose Iranian interest over British, When you capitulate, I’m sorry cooperate you can apparently be offered all kind of goodies. Plans were approved for over 20 nuclear power stations by the year 2000, with the help of Europe and US. Many western companies received billions of dollars in upfront payments to build nuclear reactors. Both light and heavy water reactors, with high-grade plutonium. There seemed no limit to the nuclear help offered.

But after the liberation of Iran from the Shah in 1979, and the demand by Iran to have the US return the Shah to stand trial (and return the millions in stolen government money) and the subsequent hostage taking, Iran was no longer “responsible” enough to be trusted with nuclear technology. Of course the western companies did not return any of the advanced payments for their unfinished work.

Israel of course during the 1960’s with the help of the West, manly the French actually developed nuclear weapons, which became fully exposed by the 1980’s. In that time Israel has never signed on to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, nor has the US government demanded it do so or that Israel dismantle its nuclear arsenal. Any view of fairness would suggest that this be part of the public dialogue on weapons of mass destructions being contained, much like South Africa (only of course after Africans gained control of the political and therefore military apparatus of their country) and Libya who did away with their nuclear arsenal. This double standard of US allies being able to have a nuclear arsenal with minimal pressure is why there is no conversation in the US media, in the US government, or at the UN Security Counsel about sanctions for a rogue nation that has nuclear weapons and is not a signature to the non-proliferation treaty.

Nor will western opinion and policy makers even begin to give any possible analysis of how the indigenous populations of the Middle East may feel about a an essentially European settler nation having nuclear weapons pointed directly at them. With the history of Israel, at least the real un-romanticized western version of it, of conquest, ethnic cleansing, apartheid laws, apartheid collaboration with South Africa (including joint nuclear testing at the time), invasions, and the actual use of weapons of mass destruction, would the intelligent mind might not wonder why Iran may have a secrete plans to even up the odds.

Further, coupled with Israel’s major super power ally having close to 200,000 troops on either side of its borders and the last 30 years of hostility towards Iran for its “unacceptable” successful revolution to not only remove a puppet regime but to then demand for the riches stolen by such a puppet to be returned and to take actions against said super power. Well that’s nation that has to be isolated according to western rules of engagement. Why would they have any serious security concerns compared to Israel?

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  1. suzan hammad // October 20, 2009 at 1:12 am // Reply

    it is a total double standard. the us backs israel because they are kinda the same, at least the states, not necessarily the people. same history of genocide, colonization, and slavery (look at gaza). and theres more the american public does not know, like how every israeli gets about $1000 in american “aid” every year. anyway, if america would stop funding israel in the billions, there would be more money here for schools, streets, etc

  2. Laura Whitehorn // January 20, 2010 at 6:54 pm // Reply

    I agree completely. Israel gets away with murder–literally. Can you imagine any other country continuing to defy world demands (to stop the new constructions, for example) and not being sanctioned?? But I am not hopeful that U.S. pro-zionist policy will change anytime soon – alas, since that fuels all the U.S. wars.

  3. and isn’t it ironic…or maybe just sad…that israel has universal health care coverage for its citizens – and we giving them how much $$$ yet we can’t, or rather won’t, give that to our own citizens??? i guess they deserve and we don’t cuz if we do it, we’re just socialists.

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